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Electronic filing of patent applications

Online filing enables you to file patent applications in electronic form. We accept PCT, EP and Swedish national applications, and also EP translations.

The three PCT forms can be used for filing PCT applications to RO/SE, PCT Demand to IPEA/SE, and all kinds of subsequently filed documents.

With the form for Swedish national applications, new national applications can be filed as well as continuation of an international application and divisional or a separate application. It is also possible to electronically file subsequently filed documents in Swedish national applications.

The EP translation form can be used for filing translations of European patent applications, translations of granted European patents, and for subsequently filed documents.

With Online Filing, you can:

To use the service, you need to install a special software utility, which is then used in conjunction with electronic identification. Both the program and the electronic identification are free of charge.

Benefits of online filing:

Exclusions from online filing


New auto-enrolment tool for EPO smart cards
New auto-enrolment tool for fast and easy registration of EPO smart cards. The registration is completed in just a few minutes.
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New features for national applications
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ePCT-Filing to PRV
It is now possible to select PRV (RO/SE) for filing PCT applications using ePCT-Filing »