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About PRV InterPat

PRV InterPat is a department of the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) which offers consultancy services. PRV is administered by the swedish government and is accountable to the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. According to section 3 of the Regulation (1995:1386), PRV is allowed to carry out commissioned work. PRV's work should meet the demands of its customers and we take care to provide high quality results. Satisfied customers are important to us.

Our task

Our aim is to support the industry with information and services regarding patents, trademarks and designs. To do that, we use patent examiners, information specialists, and trademark and design handling officers. Our whole operation is built on enquiries from the general public. Our commissions are then based the wishes of our customers.

We work to promote sustainable economic growth within industry with increased employment as a result of both a greater number of, and growing, companies. A precondition for the development of enterprise and entrepreneurship is access to appropriate and qualitative information and services within the area of intellectual property.

Self-financed operation

PRV InterPat’s operation is self-financed, just as other departments of PRV are. However, our activities should not be confused with PRV’s work as a public authority.

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Contact PRV InterPat

Telephone: +46 8 782 28 85
Opening hours:
Summer: 15 May to 14 September, 8.00-16.00
Winter: 15 September to 14 May, 8.00-16.40

Order services

You can securely order commissions and download reports using our online service PRV InterPat Secure (PIS).
PRV InterPat Secure
User's guide PIS

60 years' experience

PRV InterPat has over 60 years' experience of providing patent consultancy services.

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