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In 2002, the design protection law was changed. For PRV, the change means that our examination only covers formal hindrances (such as the form not being completed correctly or missing images), whether the design is contrary to morality or public order, and whether the design includes official designations.

As the applicant, therefore, it is your own responsibility to investigate and make sure your design differs from previously known and registered designs, and that it is not too simple. It is important that you are sure your design is not previously known or does not infringe someone else's design protection. This kind of research can be done in different ways.

Do your own search

With the help of our databases and registers, you can do your own search for registered designs that are similar to yours. Remember that even if you do not find a design that looks just like yours, it does not automatically mean that you will get design protection. There could be designs that you did not find in your search. We also place a number of requirements on your design, that it must meet.

Swedish Design Database

The Swedish Design Database contains registered designs which are still in force in Sweden. Here you can see images of designs and get information about the owners and terms of protection. Searches in the register are free and you can search by registration number, application number or class.
Swedish Design Database

Design Registration Journal

In the Design Registration Journal, PRV publishes new designs which have been registered and given design protection in Sweden. We also publish amendments and corrections relating to design cases during the term of protection, as well as renewals and cancelled registrations. The journal is published on our website every other Wednesday.
Design Registration Journal - Registreringstidning för design

EU databases

eSearch Plus

PRV's library

PRV's library can give you access to electronic periodicals and books, all of which are searchable.

Customer support

You are welcome to contact PRV's customer support for guidance in your search.
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Let us help you with your search

PRV offers a variety of consultancy services, which means that we analyse, combine and process the facts and information for you. That saves you time and gives you a greater sense of security regarding a potential design application. With our help, you can improve your chances and avoid unnecessary costs. Our consultancy services are carried out by design handling officers and give you quick answers to your questions, such as whether a similar design exists and who your competitors are.

With the help of the documents that PRV InterPat finds, you can get a better idea of the possibility of protecting your design, how your design would cope in the market today and whether it is worth investing in your design. We carry out searches in our national registers and the OHIM (EU) register. The searches you order from us are confidential. No one will know that you have commissioned a service from us.
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Swedish Design Database

Contains registered designs which are in force in Sweden.
Swedish Design Database

What can be protected?

There are many good examples of what can be design protected. Here you can read about some of them.
Examples of designs

Consultancy services

We help you to explore your options.
PRV InterPat

Any questions?

PRV can answer your questions about patents, trademarks, designs, periodicals and personal names.

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