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Here you can find forms for the registration of a design, information material, lists of classes and class headings for designs.

All our forms can be completed on the screen. They are in PDF format and always open in a new window.

Application for registration of a design (form in English) Registration of a design
Application for renewal of a design Renewal of a design
Power of attorney for a design Power of attorney for a design
When changing agent for a registered design, remember to complete and attach the form “Application for a register entry relating to a registered design” together with the power of attorney
Confirmation of assignment of a design Assignment of a design
Application for a register entry relating to a registered design Register entry
Please note that assignment of a registered design is subject to a fee and that both forms are required
Order of a commission for a design Design commission
Order of a novelty search for a design on filing an application Novelty search
Application for a certificate relating to representation before OHIM Representation certificate OHIM
General Power of attorney General Power of attorney


You need Adobe Acrobat Reader

To be able to read and print the forms, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. We recommend version 6 or later for the best results. The programme is free to download from Adobe's website.
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Swedish Design Database

Contains registered designs which are in force in Sweden.
Swedish Design Database

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There are many good examples of what can be design protected. Here you can read about some of them.
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