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How to search the Swedish Design Database

Click on Swedish Design Database. The database opens in a new window.

If you know the application number or the registration number, enter it in the appropriate field and click on search.

If you want, for example, to know which chairs are protected, you can either search by product or do a class search.

Enter chair in the product field. You will get results for all registrations/applications which have chair in the product name. Seats or stools will not be shown as they have another product name.

Class search
If you have already searched for chairs, you will see that their class is 06-01. If you are not familiar with the class system, you can get help from the Locarno class list. Class 6, which is the main class, includes furniture and furnishings and the subclass 1 includes seats.

When you have chosen your class, you choose how you would like the results to be presented, as a text or an image.

Click on search.

You can click on the application number or the registration number for more detailed information.

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