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Fees and payment

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When you file a national patent application with us, you have to pay a filing fee. Later in the process, you have to pay a granting fee and then annual fees.

You also pay us the fees required to validate a European patent in Sweden, as well as the relevant fees for an international patent application.

Payment options

Bankgiro 5050-0248
Electronic payment
(We do not offer invoicing)

If you have an application number or a publication number, you should quote that on payment. If not, you should state the title of the invention, your name and what type of payment it concerns. You will receive a filing receipt that shows your application has been registered. Your case number (application number) is on the filing receipt, which you can give as a reference when paying.

Remember that we do not examine applications which have not been paid for.

International payments

To avoid surcharges, you must give the correct payment instructions for international payments. The recipient's (PRV's) bank must be given as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC – formerly SWIFT). Our account number must be given as an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). If you use both the BIC and the IBAN, it should guarantee a correct transfer to our bank.

Payments from abroad

Bank: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, 106 40 Stockholm
Stockholm IBAN: SE22 5000 0000 0543 9100 1349 (24 digits)

Deposit account

Opening a deposit account at PRV is a simple way of paying for copies of patent documents, searches, official fees and more.
Deposit account

Other information

PRV's organization number: 202100-2072
VAT number: SE202100207201

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