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Products and services

Vat (25%) is not required for customers holding a VAT number.
Fees are stated excluding VAT.

Consultancy services

Hourly fee for search in patent documentation and non-patent-literature (minimum 3 hours).

administration fee
admin. fee for customers holding a deposit account

1 260/hour


Novelty search at fixed price 11 200
IP Due diligence By quotation
Foreseeker By quotation
Prior art By quotation
Patent portfolio, applicant and/or inventor (per name searched) 1 200
Patent family search with analysis By quotation
EPO status 440
Technical survey 3 800
Consultation 800
Additional search 7 400
Freedom-to-operate search By quotation
Validity search By quotation
PCT commission 22 500
Preliminary patentability examination By quotation
Sequence searches By quotation
Citation searches By quotation
Medical patents (per substance searched) 880
Patent monitoring By quotation
Patent mapping By quotation
For other database searches, quotations are given at the consultation  


Translation services
English translation of technical notice 2 800


Monitoring of Swedish patent applications 1 200/year
Monitoring of European patent applications 1 200/year
Copies and printouts of public documents exempt from VAT:
less than 10 pages
10 pages
for each page over 10 pages

No fee
Copies of material other than a public document, if the order is for 10 pages or more. Per page 3
Words and expressions in the patent system 325
Postage fee ( invoice customer) 30
Postage fee ( deposit account customer) 20
For external courses in the patent area, please contact our training operation
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