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Processing time

How long it takes for you to get an answer from us depends on how many applications we receive, what type of name you are applying for and how complete your application is. Processing begins when the filing fee has been paid.

Approved application or notice?

You will either receive an answer that your application has been approved or you will be served a notice. If you are served a notice, it means that there are certain deficiencies in the application or hindrances to approving the requested name. For example, if your application has not been correctly completed, has the wrong address details, is missing the birth certificate or if the filing fee has not been paid, it will take longer.

It takes about 8-10 weeks before the examine starts, and it is the same for a newly formed surname. After that, public notification must also be given in certain cases, which extends the processing time by five weeks.

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Make sure you apply in time for a newly formed surname.
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Processing time

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