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Official designations

Official designations is an umbrella term for national coats of arms, national flags, the emblems and symbols of international intergovernmental organizations, other state emblems, national control or guarantee designations, and so on. It also covers other designations which refer to the Swedish state and as such give the sign an official character, for example, the prefixes STATS- or RIKS- (meaning “state” or “national”). PRV is the authority which grants permission to use Swedish official designations. The examination to grant permission can take place either in connection with a trademark application or completely independently. The National Archives acts as a referral body and issues statements in heraldic coat of arms cases, mainly through the State Board of Heraldry.

Applications for permission must be submitted in writing to:
The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV)
Box 530
826 27 Söderhamn

There is no special form which you should use, but the application must contain the following:

  • Your (the applicant’s) name or company and address.
  • Clear information regarding the design or sign which the application relates to.
  • Information regarding the goods or services which the design or sign will be used for.
  • If you are going to use the national coat of arms in your business operation, the reasons you refer to must be included in the application.
  • A clear reproduction of the design or sign (at least three copies).

An application for permission to use a Swedish official designation is subject to a fee, which must be paid on application. The current fee is stated in PRV's list of fees. If PRV requests a statement from the National Archives, an additional fee will be administered by the National Archives. Their current fee, as well as other information about the state's official coat of arms and heraldry, can be found on the National Archives' website.

If it concerns a provincial, county, or comparable coat of arms or a sign which can easily be confused with such, it is the appropriate county administrative board which grants permission.

If it concerns a municipal coat of arms or a sign which can easily be confused with such, it is the municipality concerned which grants permission.

More information

The National Archives' website

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