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Classifying goods and services

When you fill in your application, you must specify the goods or services for which the trademark will apply, as this then provides the basis for protection. You must also provide a list showing which classes your goods belong to.

The purpose of classifying

The purpose of classifying your goods and services is that PRV is able to make a comparison with previous applications and registrations related to the same or similar goods and services. This also determines the area to which various applications belong. When writing your description and classification, it is important that you are both accurate and consistent. If the description does not correspond with the classification, then preference will be given to the written description.

Nice classification

In order to simplify registration, all goods and services are divided into different classes according to an international system known as the Nice Classification. The system is comprised of 45 classes: 1–34 relate to goods and 35–45 to services. For goods, it is primarily the material from which goods are made that determines how they are classified. Services are classified according to occupation or the task that is to be achieved.
Nice Classification

Basic structure for classification

The following table shows the basic structure for classification.

1-5 Products from the chemical industry and associated industries
6-14 Metals and metal goods and, in some cases, goods that are not made of metal
15-21 Other technical products
22-27 Textiles (raw materials and products from associated industries)
28 Games, toys, exercise/sports equipment
29-31 Food products
32-33 Beverages
34 Tobacco and products from associated industries
35-45 Services are divided into 11 categories according to the type of business

Classifying your goods/services – demarcation

The basic structure lets you determine the class which your goods belong to. Once that has been established, the next step is to determine the specific area(s) which your goods/services belong to. For help with that task, you can refer to the list containing all classification headings along with information regarding items that are included in each class.
Classification headings with examples

Further assistance with classification

Beyond the class headings and list of classes

If a product or service cannot be categorized according to the existing class headings or list of classes, please read here for more information about what to do.
Classifying goods and services beyond the list of classes

Electronic trademark application

Our electronic trademark application provides you with further assistance in classifying your goods or services.
Electronic trademark application


TMClass is a tool which helps you classify your goods and services online. It contains a comprehensive list of all classification terms, so you can be assured that any term included in the list is acceptable.
TMClass - online classification tool

New practice for classification

From 1 January 2014, PRV will require clarification of certain definitions in the existing class headings. This is part of the OHIM:s convergence programme in order to reach common practice in the member states.
More information: new practice for classification

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