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Is your trademark unique?

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With the help of different search services, you can search for trademarks which are similar to yours. Remember that even if you do not find a trademark which is similar to yours, it does not automatically mean that you will get trademark protection. There might be trademarks which you did not find and the trademark must also meet PRV's general requirements.
Swedish Trademark Database
Online services for trademarks

PRV's customer support

If you would like guidance in your search, you are welcome to contact PRV's customer support.
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Hire PRV InterPat

Do you want to save time and get reliable information before applying? In that case, you can use PRV InterPat. They offer a number of different consultancy services to help you analyse and process information.
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Swedish Trademark Database

Provides information about trademarks that are protected in Sweden.
Swedish Trademark Database

Apply and pay electronically

You can apply for trademark protection and renewal of the trademark by using our electronic application. You file and pay online.
Online trademark application
Swedish Trademark Renewal

What is a trademark?

Here you can find examples of what can be registered.
Examples of trademarks

Consultancy services

We help you to explore your options.
PRV InterPat

Any questions?

PRV can answer your questions about patents, trademarks, designs, periodicals and personal names.

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