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EU Trademark Register

In eSearch plus, you can find detailed information about Community trademarks (European trademark rights). The register is provided by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante.
eSearch plus

In Romarin, you can find detailed information about international trademarks (international trademark rights). The register is provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva.
International Trademark Register

PRV Deposit Account

PRV Deposit Account

Swedish Trademark application

Here you can safely and easily apply for a trademark. You pay for your application directly with credit card, bank transfer or deposit account. You can also sign your application with e-ID.
Online trademark application

Swedish Trademark Database

In our Swedish Trademark Database, you can find trademarks which have been granted registration in Sweden. The database contains information about the owner of the trademark and which goods and/or services it covers.
Swedish Trademark Database

Swedish Trademark Renewal

Here you can renew your trademark securely and easily. You pay for the application online using a credit or debit card or through your Internet bank. Please note that all correspondence regarding a renewal application is sent to the named agent, if there is one, otherwise it is sent to the registered owner.
Swedish Trademark Renewal

Swedish Trademark Gazette - Svensk varumärkestidning

The Swedish Trademark Gazette publishes all newly registered trademarks, amendments and corrections.
Swedish Trademark Gazette (in Swedish)


TMView is database of registered trademarks from all over Europe. Swedish Trademark Database is connected to TMView.

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Swedish Trademark Database

Provides information about trademarks that are protected in Sweden.
Swedish Trademark Database

Apply and pay electronically

You can apply for trademark protection and renewal of the trademark by using our electronic application. You file and pay online.
Online trademark application
Swedish Trademark Renewal

What is a trademark?

Here you can find examples of what can be registered.
Examples of trademarks

Consultancy services

We help you to explore your options.
PRV InterPat

Any questions?

PRV can answer your questions about patents, trademarks, designs, periodicals and personal names.

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