Environmentally friendly design protection

Perhaps you have noticed the small symbol which tells you how much money you get back when you return deposit bottles?

Protected symbol

Many of the symbols all around us are design protected. For example, the small symbol which encourages us to return our deposit bottles. The company AB Svenska Returpack filed for design protection for the symbol which today is found on our PET bottles. Returpack is responsible for the recycling systems where our cans and bottles are returned. They also have the task of informing people about the return and deposit systems.

Number one at returning deposit bottles

In the beginning, recycled bottles were washed and refilled. Today, returned bottles are made into new ones instead. Every year, Returpack receives 1.3 billion cans and PET bottles. Sweden is the number one in the world when it comes to returning deposit cans and bottles, and that could be partly due to the powerful symbol.