Capacity development

PRV helps countries develop and grow through capacity development and use of intellectual property in cooperation with WIPO and SIDA.

One of our largest and most important contributions to sustainable development is to integrate intellectual property rights and innovation in international sustainability work.

Together with Sida and the UN agency WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization, we work to educate and develop authorities and organizations in developing countries on issues related to intellectual property rights to contribute to economic growth and sustainable development.

Through increased knowledge and understanding of the use of intellectual property rights, the partner countries get the tools they need to be able to utilize their resources, conduct trade on equal terms and develop.

The collaboration is about education in the entire intellectual property law (patent, trademark, design, copyright, etc.) and the transfer of Swedish know-how to developing countries and countries that are in a transition phase.

An essential part is programs that aim to get countries to adapt their legislation, administration and enforcement of rights to international agreements in a way that is adapted to their conditions.

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Cooperation with WIPO and Sida

Intellectual property as a tool for international trade, economic growth, sustainable development and preservation of cultural heritage.

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