About PRV InterPat

PRV InterPat has been offering search services in all technical areas for nearly 70 years.

We support the industry with highly qualified information and a number of services in patent, trademark and design.

Search service

The core of PRV InterPat is our search service. We provide our customers with qualitative information and services within intellectual property and deliver the basis for your decision making. We are proud to have access to the most prominent worldwide search tools.

Experienced examiners

We provide excellence within all technical areas. To fulfill our task, we rely on 115 experienced patent examiners, information specialists and handling officers within trademark and design. All patent examiners hold at least a Master of Science degree and have successfully passed PRV’s patent examiner programme.

Many of us have international professional experience and PRV InterPat offers services in a substantial number of languages. Apart from the Scandinavian languages, all patent examiners are skilled in English, French and German.

Satisfied customers are crucial to us: we take great pride in our work to meet your specific demands and present high quality results. Therefore, our commissions are based on the wishes of our customers – often tailor made.

Prominent search tools

PRV InterPat uses the same prominent and advanced search tools as the European Patent Office, EPO, and has access to the world's most relevant and comprehensive databases. We use Questel Orbit for patent landscaping and have access to Non Patent Literature databases.

Understanding of confidentiality

Our extensive experience guarantees a full comprehension of confidentiality. We are eager to meet all required demands of handling sensitive information. You can securely order commissions and download reports by using our online service PRV InterPat Secure (PIS).
PRV InterPat Secure

Operational preconditions

PRV InterPat’s operation is executed on a non-profit and self-financed basis. Our mission is to support the industry with information and services regarding patents, trademarks and designs. Our engagement within search services is separated from PRV’s work as a public authority. We use the same competence in our search services as in our mission as a public authority.

PCT authority

PRV is proud to be a PCT authority. For nearly forty years, we have been entrusted to examine PCT applications as well as to give you a preliminary opinion regarding patentability.
PRV as a PCT authority

Contact PRV InterPat

You are most welcome to contact us to discuss your needs.

Telephone: +46 8 782 28 85
E-mail: interpat@prv.se
Fax: +46 8 783 01 63

PRV InterPat Secure

Use our online service PRV InterPat Secure to order your search as well as to download your search report.