Technical notice

A technical notice is a technical opinion that we send to you. In the notice, the patent engineer lists the obstacles to grant your patent, which were found during the search.


The application has deficiencies. Your patent application has been examined by a patent examiner. In the notice, the patent examiner presents any obstacles to the grant of a patent. These may be in the form of prior technical solutions that are similar to your invention, but may also be deficiencies of a formal character.

In the notice you will also find a list of the documents which the patent engineer considers to pose obstacles to your patent application. You can download these documents from our online service Cited Documents or order them in paper form.

Cited Documents (external website)

Other shortcomings

The technical notice may also address deficiencies in how the application is designed, for example if something is unclear, or if the application contains more than one invention.

Not a final decision

A notice is not a final decision. If you disagree with the conclusions of the patent examiner, you are free to reply with your arguments. Your answer should be in writing, and in your answer you should argue why your application should be granted.

The notice is either in Swedish or English depending on the language you have chosen.

Swedish Search Report

As an additional service, we will enclose a Swedish Search Report with our first technical notice. This report is more comprehensive in that it includes further documents retrieved during the search. Hence, the report will provide a good overview of the relevant area of technology.