International protection

There are different ways to protect your trademark internationally.

Your Swedish trademark registration is only valid in Sweden. If you want a broader, international protection you can apply for:

Apply for an EU trademark via EUIPO

If you want to protect your trademark throughout the EU, you submit your application to the EUIPO.

EU trademarks

International registration

You register an international trademark with WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization. However, you must start by making an application to either PRV or EUIPO, while your application for WIPO is based on this.

An international registration covers one or more countries or intergovernmental organizations (EUIPO and OAPI) that are parties to the Madrid protocol, via WIPO. 

International registration

A national application in single countries

If you only want to apply for trademark protection in one country, submit your application directly to the country’s registration office.

WIPO's list of registration authorities in individual countries (external website)

Priority dates

If you have applied for a trademark registration in Sweden you can claim priority if you apply for registration of the same trademark in another country within six months.

That way your international application will receive the same application date as the Swedish application. This can prove to be favourable to you if someone else has applied for the same or a similar trademark at the same time or prior to you.

If you want to claim priority in your Swedish application you need to state date, country and the application number from your international application. You also need to state if the priority is regarding to all goods and services or some of them.