Search services

The PRV Consulting consultants have great experience in trademarks and monitoring services. They can help you when you are about to apply for a registration.

PRV Consulting can pre-examine your trademark and offer different types of search services to suit your needs.

A wide range of services

PRV Consulting has a wide range of services based on the customers’ requests.

When we pre-examine a trademark, you receive a report with information that can be useful when applying for a trademark registration. You will get an idea of the probability that your trademark will be registered.

We can also search for trademarks within a certain area of business and tell you which trademarks that may be confusingly similar to your trademark.

Experience and special competence

PRV Consulting has access to advanced search tools and a variety of databases. With the help of these, our experienced consultants can search and monitor applications and registrations.

PRV Consulting - our trademark search services

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