Choose a good name

The name of your company, service or product is a key part of your business. It should stir inquisitiveness amongst the target group and ensure that your name is longlasting.

There are good reasons to try associative names which generate interest and a feeling for the services, products and companies. Regardless of what you opt for, a good, carefully considered name is always a good investment. 

Naming strategy

Fictitious and associative names are spacious and good if the service or product develop and change character. They can be perceived as more exciting than clear and concrete names and thus put the company on the map. Invented and associative names can often be trademark registered and there are good chances of finding an available domain.

Develop your company’s naming process 

  1. Develop a strategic name platform in order to obtain a good overview of all the name-related challenges that the company faces.
  2. Remember that a particular type of name can become very popular for a while and then feel very dated. The right name will help to ensure that the product lasts longer.
  3. Carry out linguistic assessments to ensure that the name you choose does not mean something unfavourable in other languages.
  4. Make sure you do not get too close to, or infringe anyone else’s trademark when you choose a name.
  5. Check that the domain name is available.

Digital market is international market

Keep in mind that the site where you promote your business, your goods or services is accessible globally. If you have information in other languages, such as English, the site will be found by search services and exposed in many other countries. Thus you are in markets abroad whether you like it or not. Consider this when choosing a name.