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Intangible assets are those that you cannot directly touch with your hand, but which still create great value. For example, a logo or a business idea.

A good strategy shows the importance of the intangible assets for the company's business and how it is intended that these should be used and protected.

If someone uses your invention, your design, your trademark, or your copyrighted work without permission, it may be an infringement of your rights.

Take care of your intangible assets

As much as 80 percent of a company's value is often in intangible assets. The companies that develop and manage their intangible assets have higher profitability than those who do not.

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Test your business

What intangible assets does your company have? And how do you handle them in the best way? You will find out if you answer 12 quick questions.

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Entrepreneurs tell their story

Here you will find interesting interviews with successful entrepreneurs who work strategically with intangible assets. Get inspired!

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Agreements on intangible assets

Good agreements are a prerequisite for you to be able to protect your assets and run and develop your business in the best way.

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Valuation of intangible assets

Getting an accurate valuation of your intangible assets is not always easy. Here we go through different methods of valuation.

Get help and support with intangible assets

PRV, business promoters and agents can help you with various issues related to intangible assets.

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Here, you can learn about what intangible assets are and how they can be used to boost your profitability.