Choose the right intellectual property!

Which protection is right for you depends on what you created. Make sure to choose the right protection for you.

Fashion photo of a shoe


A photographer automatically has copyright that protects artistic creation.

Close up on a shoe


A design registration protects the appearance of all or parts of the shoe, not its function.

Close up on a shoe sole


Patents protect a technical solution, for example a new way of manufacturing the sole of the shoe.

Close up on a shoe brand


A distinguishing sign of a product or service, such as the shoe name, can be registered as trademarks.

Patent training programmes

PRV offers a variety of trainings within patent, trademark, design and copyright. We cover all levels, from basic to advanced.

Literature about green technology

Green technology is a part of sustainable development and is, simply put, environmentally friendly technology. We have selected articles and books within green technology.

Entrepreneurs tell their stories - get inspired!

Here you find interviews with entrepreneurs who work strategically with intellectual property.

Designs with Scania

The development of the new truck had been kept secret to create curiosity and safeguard the intangible assets themselves: patents, trademarks and designs.

Trademarks with Ice Hotel

There are many ice hotels around the world, but only one Icehotel. Icehotel has been conscientious with its approach to its brand and trademark registration.

Copyright with Les Mills

Copyright is of great importance when building concepts. The global training giant Les Mills offers training clubs and gyms a comprehensive concept.

Patents with Hövding

Patents are needed when developing innovations. Hövding has developed an airbag for cyclists, which is well worth protecting.

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For you who want to develop and manage your company's intangible assets.

IP Professional

For those of you who are professionals in the field of intellectual property rights.

Training programmes

For participants in international training programmes and capacity development.

The bad deal store


Protect your business

The more successful you are as an entrepreneur, the greater the risk of getting copied.

Good to know about trademarks

Checklist for trademark application

By going through the checklist before making your application, you have done the preparatory work needed to get a correct trademark protection.




Developing business with intangible assets

The training is aimed at those who work together with an incubator or other advisor on intellectual property issues and participate in Vinnova's program for IP checks.