Our business

PRV wants to get entrepreneurs and others in the innovation community to manage their intangible assets in the best way, improve their operations, profitability and growth.

We disseminate knowledge about the importance of intangible assets for innovation and entrepreneurship and we process applications for various protections.


We handle patent applications. PRV is a PCT authority (Patent Cooperation Treaty). 


We handle trademark applications.


We handle design applications.


We are responsible for increasing knowledge about copyright and what it means to you as a creator. We also work against illegal streaming.


We spread awareness about the negative effects of piracy on society, businesses and consumers.

Certificate of publication

We handle certificate of publication for periodicals.

International training programs

In collaboration with WIPO and SIDA, we help developing countries with increased knowledge of intangible assets. We invite decision-makers in other countries to our international training programs.

Other missions

We register Swedish municipal coats of arms and grant permission to Swedish official designations.

We are also the national coordinator for orphan works and the supervisory authority for collective management of copyright and related rights.

Customer support

PRV's customer support is available every weekday. Our customer support can answer both general questions and provide support in specific matters.

PRV Consulting

We have an extensive consulting service that operates independently of the authority. Our consulting service performs search and analysis assignments within patents, trademarks and designs at a cost.

Education and courses

We give recurring courses on intangible assets and their protection. The courses can also be ordered according to invoice and held on site at your company.