Official designations

National coats of arms, national flags and municipal coats of arms are examples of official designations. You are not allowed to use them as trademarks without permission.

Official designations also covers other state emblems, national control or guarantee designations and other terms indicating the Swedish state and therefore are interpreted as official designations. For example, prefixes such as Stats- or Riks-.

PRV grants permission

PRV is the authority that grants permission to use Swedish official designations. The application for permit can be submitted either in conjunction with a trademark application or without a trademark application. In these kinds of applications for permit The Swedish National Archives is the referral body and issues statements to PRV in applications concerning heraldic coats of arms. The statement is mainly made by the State Board of Heraldry.

Submit your application for permit in writing to:

The Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV)
Box 530
826 27 Söderhamn

There is no official form for the application, but the following information must be included:

  • The applicant’s name and address.
  • Detailed information about the trademark.
  • Information about the goods and services that the trademark will be used for.
  • A clear representation of the trademark. 

If you want to use a national coat of arms in your business you must clearly state the reasons in your application.

The Swedish County Board handles permits related to province, county or judicial district coats of arms or designations that are confusingly similar to those.

The District Council (or the board appointed by the council) handles permits related to municipal coats of arms or designations that are confusingly similar to those

You pay a fee when you apply for permission to use a national official designation.

Trademark fees

There is an additional fee when we receive a statement from The Swedish National Archives. More information about the fees, national coats of arms and heraldry can be found on the Swedish National Archives website.

Edited 2023-02-07