Quality management at PRV

We want to be a leader in our area and therefore work with quality management.

The Swedish Intellectual Property Office, PRV, is the authority for intellectual property rights. We work to enable new ideas at the forefront of technology and development to strengthen Sweden's growth and competitiveness. We have an overall responsibility for intellectual property rights and for innovations to be protected with patents, design protection and trademarks.

PRV wants to increase knowledge about the value of intangible assets, including copyright. We want to get entrepreneurs, creators and innovators to manage their assets in the best way to improve their business, profitability and growth in a sustainable way.

Quality management facilitates the ability to constantly offer products and services that meet customer, stakeholder and owner requirements as well as constitutional requirements. PRV strives for high customer satisfaction.

PRV has been quality certified since 2007 according to ISO 9001, an established international quality standard that is currently used by organisations all over the world. The standard emphasizes the customer's position and satisfied customers are important to us at PRV.

PRV applies seven principles in ISO quality management

Quality management according to ISO means that PRV always has a customer focus, when we, with the management's and employees' commitment, offer requested products and services. PRV monitors data from results and customer satisfaction, in order to improve our processes and is keen on good cooperation with PRV's stakeholders.

PRV's decisions on intellectual property rights, dissemination of knowledge and collaboration must be sustainable over time, which is why good collaboration and dialogue with customers and stakeholders is important.