Systematic quality management

PRV continuously develops its operations by enhancing quality through monitoring and continuous improvements.

PRV works systematically to improve its quality and meet customer and stakeholder expectations. By quality, we mean that PRV's operations meet the needs of customers and stakeholders, as well as the requirements and goals that apply in accordance with laws and other regulations.

PRV's quality management system covers all operations and ensures the quality of the operations by structurally leading, planning, controlling and following up, evaluating and improving the operations. The quality management system makes it possible for the management to control the business so that the right thing is done at the right time and in the right way.

We continuously monitor and analyse external factors that may affect our mission for Swedish innovation power and entrepreneurship or customers' conditions in the future. All comments received from customers and employees as well as results from quality measurements are analysed so that possible areas for improvement are identified and implemented.

Operating in a quality management system is a strategic decision within an organisation, which aims to improve the organisation's overall performance and create a good basis for initiatives for sustainable development. The quality management system contributes to financial efficiency as well as sustainable business improvements with the customer in focus.