About us

The Swedish Intellectual Property Office, PRV, is the authority for intellectual property.

We work to ensure that new ideas at the forefront of technology and development strengthen Sweden's growth, innovation capacity and competitiveness.

We do this by increasing knowledge and understanding of the value of intangible assets. We work with intellectual property authorities in Europe and other parts of the world.

We protect innovations

The basis of our mission is to protect innovations with the help of patents, design and trademark protection. We handle patent, design and trademark applications as well as publishing certificates for periodicals. We are also responsible for increasing knowledge about copyright.

We are located in central Stockholm and in Söderhamn. We have around 350 employees. We are experts in intellectual property as patent engineers, lawyers and trademark officers.

Our target groups

Our target groups are mainly entrepreneurs in different stages, incubators and IP professionals, but also researchers, teachers and students at universities. The public sector and the general public also have an interest in our areas.