Students and researchers are important innovators

If you work or study at a university, you contribute to the development of Sweden. You create intangible assets, which if managed properly can become very valuable.

Intangible assets – the key to success

Regardless of what area you study or work in, it is important to have knowledge about your intangible assets and how to best manage them – this may be the key to success.

As a researcher, you produce intangible assets in the form of, for example, inventions, designs, knowledge, scientific methods, software, work methods and measurement methods. And already as a student, you might produce intangible assets, which if managed correctly may become valuable in the market or in society in general.

We have gathered information on intangible assets and intellectual property rights that we believe are especially important for you as a student or researcher.

For you as a student

For you as a doctoral student or researcher

For you as an innovation support officer at a university


Christin Wendel, Coordinator for Universities.