If you are an innovation support officer

Universities are important to Sweden’s innovative capacity and growth. PRV has the task of improving knowledge regarding the management of intangible assets and intellectual property rights among actors at universities.

PRV and the universities’ innovation support services have similar goals and much to gain from cooperating with each other.

Utilisation of research and other results from the university

As an innovation support officer, you are a key person for successful utilisation – not least when it comes to giving support on the strategic management of intangible assets.

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Educational collaboration with PRV

Utilisation and innovation support are a part of our lectures at universities. We always seek collaboration with the innovation support services at the university in question so that the participants receive as relevant information as possible.

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Cooperation between PRV and SNITTS

PRV collaborates in various ways with the Swedish Network of Innovation and Technology Transfer Support (SNITTS). PRV has a representative on the SNITTS course committee and therefore has the opportunity to contribute information and course sections on intangible assets and intellectual property law in the SNITTS course offering. Together with SNITTS, PRV has also prepared digital training modules at the basic level that are suited mainly to doctoral students and researchers, but also students and innovation advisers.

More information about SNITTS (external website)

Digital courses for doctoral students and researchers