Utilisation of research

As an innovation support officer, you are a key person for successful utilisation – not least when it comes to giving support on the strategic management of intangible assets.

The teacher exemption leads to a need for innovation support

Through the teacher exemption, teachers, researchers and other employees at the universities own the rights to their patentable inventions. It has also long been standard practice that the teacher exemption also applies to research findings other than inventions, such as copyrighted articles.

On the basis of the teacher exemption, the researcher, not the university, is the contractual party in collaboration. Researchers, as well as students, often do not have enough competency in this area and therefore need support in their utilisation in collaboration. As an innovation support officer, you therefore play a key role for successful utilisation!

IVA’s Research2Business

To strengthen Sweden's innovative capacity in general, and researchers’ ability to utilise research in particular, the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) is conducting the project Research2Business.

The project calls attention to collaborative projects with potential to have an impact on the market or in society. Every year, Research2Business publishes its “top-100 list”, where these collaborative projects are presented. Every year, the R2B Summit is also held, a day where researchers from the list have an opportunity to present their projects and network with potential collaborative partners.

By informing researchers at your university about Research2Business, you as an innovation support officer get help in raising awareness among researchers about utilisation and innovation. It can make it easier for you to reach out to the university. Most researchers who apply for the top-100 list also need your support in the specific project.

PRV is a partner in Research2Business. We contribute by highlighting the strategic management of intangible assets as a criteria in the application and selection process for the top-100 list and the R2B Summit.

Together, we contribute to more and better utilisation from Swedish universities.

More information on Research2Business (external website)