If you are a doctoral student or researcher

As a researcher, you produce intangible assets in the form of, for example, inventions, designs, knowledge, scientific methods, software, work methods and measurement methods. We have gathered information on intangible assets and intellectual property rights that are especially important for you as a researcher or doctoral student.

Intellectual property right data – important information for your research

Patents, design protection and trademark protection are exclusive rights that are registered. The information on the exclusive rights is gathered in databases that are publicly available. Using this information, you can supplement and improve your external monitoring within your area of research. 

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PRV’s courses for doctoral students and researchers

PRV holds lectures for doctoral students and researchers at Swedish universities, often in cooperation with the university’s innovation support.

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Utilisation of research

As a doctoral student or researcher at a Swedish university, you are responsible for your results being put to use. This can be done in various ways, but successful utilisation always presupposes strategic management of your research findings, that is to say, of your intangible assets.

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