Digital courses for doctoral students and researchers

PRV offers free digital training modules in intangible assets and intellectual property rights.

Introduction to intellectual property rights

PRV has developed two courses that provide an introduction to intangible assets. One module has some focus on innovation in collaboration between academia and other actors. The other module focuses on data and software. The courses are mainly suited for doctoral students and researchers, but also innovation support officers and students.

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Intellectual property rights and intangible assets for life science

In cooperation with Sweden's life science incubators, PRV has developed a number of training modules about various aspects in the management of intangible assets and patent information. The training modules are intended to help early life science companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs get a better understanding of important and time critical issues concerning patents, trademarks and design, as well as other intangible assets, such as copyright, contracts, know-how and customer relationships. The modules have an emphasis on patents and patent information since the technical solution is often very central in life science.

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