Courses at universities

We gladly hold lectures for doctoral students or researchers at Swedish universities, often in cooperation with the university’s innovation support office.

After a lecture with us, you as a researcher or doctoral student will have adequate and relevant training in the strategic management of intangible assets for your future working life. You will also receive enough knowledge about intangible assets and intellectual property rights in order to be successful in the innovation you are a part of in your time at the university.

We cooperate with the innovation support office at your university so that you will get as relevant information as possible when it comes to utilisation and innovation support.

Credited courses for doctoral students

PRV cooperates with several universities where we, together with the university’s innovation support office, offer courses for doctoral students that provide higher education credits. The courses are about how you as a doctoral student can manage the intangible assets you create, such as through utilisation and commercialisation of the research.

Would you like to know more about PRV’s course activities at universities or do you have an idea regarding training collaboration with PRV?

Contact Christin Wendel, Coordinator for Universities.