If you are a student

Regardless of what area you study in, it is important to have knowledge about your intangible assets and how to best manage them – this may be the key to success.

PRV’s courses for students

The Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV) often offers 1-2-hour lectures as part of courses in entrepreneurship, for example. We also offer open lectures for all students at a university.

Would you like to know more about PRV’s course activities at universities or do you have an idea regarding training collaboration with PRV?

Contact Christin Wendel, Coordinator for Universities.

Digital courses

Here, you can access digital training modules about intangible assets and intellectual property rights 

Digital courses

Innovation as a student

In project work and degree projects, you create intangible assets that may be of great value to you and the company or organisation you are collaborating with.

More information about innovation during the period of study