Digital courses for students

PRV offers digital training modules in intangible assets and intellectual property rights.

“In the spotlight” – opening your eyes to your intangible assets

"In the spotlight” is a test that is mainly intended for companies, but it is of interest to all idea- and knowledge-borne operations and activities. This may be your degree project or other collaborative projects with the business community.

The test provides a good introduction to what intangible assets are and helps you understand what assets you in particular possess. Becoming aware of what you have is a prerequisite for you to be able to safeguard it. If you manage your assets correctly, they can become valuable to you, those you collaborate with and perhaps society at large.

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Digital course in standardisation, accreditation and intellectual property rights – ELISA

This course, targeted directly at students, gives you an overall understanding of standardisation, accreditation and intellectual property rights, how these areas are related with each other and how they influence research, development and entrepreneurship.

Knowledge in standardisation, accreditation and intellectual property rights is important for entrepreneurs and is also sought after by potential employers.

This two-hour long digital course is comprised educational films, knowledge questions and a final exam. Upon passing the exam, you receive a diploma. 

More information on the course (external website)

PRV School online

At the PRV School, you can learn about intangible assets and rights, illustrated with interesting examples from the real world. The PRV School involves two to three hours of self-study. You as a student receive a brief introduction to the subject.

PRV School online