Educational collaboration with PRV

So that the participants at the universities where we hold lectures get the most relevant information possible, we are always interested in collaborating with you as an innovation support officer.

PRV's information and lectures at universities have two main objectives.

First, we want all students in Sweden to receive adequate and relevant training in the strategic management of intangible assets for their future working life.

Second, we want to be a support for you innovation supporters and contribute to students and researchers at your university receiving enough knowledge about intangible assets and intellectual property rights to be successful in innovation they are part of during their time at the university. Utilisation and innovation support are therefore always part of our lectures at universities, and we always seek collaboration with the innovation support services at the university in question so that the participants receive as relevant information as possible.

Credited courses for doctoral students

PRV cooperates with several universities where we, together with the university’s innovation support office, offer courses for doctoral students that provide higher education credits. The courses are about how the doctoral students can manage the intangible assets they create, such as through utilisation and commercialisation of the research.

Cooperation in individual lectures

PRV is often invited to hold lectures of 1-2 hours as part of courses, or lectures that are broadly addressed to the university. The lectures have different focuses depending on the context they are given in, but always have intangible assets and intellectual property rights as main themes. PRV always wants to take the opportunity to highlight that particular university’s innovation support services and prefers that a person from innovation support is present to be able to answer questions and/or briefly present their services. We will contact you!

Would you like to know more about PRV’s course activities at universities or do you have an idea regarding training collaboration with PRV?

Contact Christin Wendel, Coordinator for Universities.