SME Fund closes vouchers 1 and 2

On July 12, the opportunity to apply for vouchers 1 and 2 in the SME Fund 2024 will close.

However, should there be a sudden increase in numbers beyond the predictions, also due to a potential spread of closure information, the SMF Fund may need to close earlier, which of course we would like to avoid.

A total of 329 Swedish companies took advantage of the opportunity for grants for IP scanning and fees for trademark, design protection, and patent applications. In 2023, the figure was 179, so it is a significant increase.

The funds associated with voucher 3, which reimbursed applicants for fees related to patent applications and legal assistance in connection with this, were extremely popular and quickly ran out.

The EUIPO, which is behind the fund, announces that vouchers 1 and 2, as well as voucher 3, will likely open again for a shorter period this fall, at the beginning of September.