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Intellectual property rights for games developers

Here we help you as a game developer to create value from your intangible assets.

Building your brand is a long-term process in which your users play an important role.

If you have developed a game concept, it can be a good idea to have a strategy for managing it in terms of intellectual property rights.

Time to present your idea for a game to investors so that you can realise it? Congratulations, you have come a fair bit of the way towards developing your game.

Intellectual property rights for games developers

Why do you need to keep track of patents, trademarks, designs, and copyright? If you have secured your intellectual assets, you can commercialize and introduce your game to the international market with confidence.

Registering trademarks

Make sure you register your trademark in your intended markets before you start to build too much of your business around it.

Strategy for intellectual property assets

Intellectual property assets are intangible, yet they are highly significant and can generate substantial value. Your business success depends on managing them strategically!


As the creator of a game, you will automatically become the copyright holder.

Register the design

Obtaining design protection for your game’s main characters can be a good investment.

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Three talented game developers are at the beginning of their careers - Axel Sandstedt, Jad Tawbi, and Leo Wognum. The trio won the first prize for their game Nasal Nomad: Sniffer's Delight in the large international e-sports competition Lv. 99 Game Jam 2023.

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Magnus Alm has been working in game development for the past ten years, encompassing everything from design and building creative teams to marketing. Magnus is a co-founder of the gaming company Lavapotion, which develops strategy games for PC and Mac.

Interview with Louise Meijer about new trends in game development

Louise Meijer-Åström is the Art Director at Off-leash Interactive and she has a long career in game development as an illustrator and concept developer, both as an entrepreneur and as an employee. Here, Louise talks about the evolution in the gaming industry, including the advent of AI in the gaming arena.