Illustration på en vit fågel i ett bergigt landskap
Photo: Above the mist av Louise Meijer.

Building a brand

Building your brand is a long-term process in which your users play an important role.

Building a strong brand around your game is an important part of both game production, its launch, and your interaction with users.

Find a good name 

Since the game's name is what spreads in all contexts among users, gaming enthusiasts, and customers, it is one of the most crucial factors for them to recognize your game. Discovering a good name that works across multiple markets is essential.

Your brand will boost the value of your company 

The brand enhances the company's value. Building a brand is an ongoing and long-term effort that creates value in your gaming company. All the creativity and effort you invest in this work will increase the company's value over the long term.

Your users are involved in building your brand. It is their perceptions, engagement, and joy for your game that make your brand grow. To secure this value, it is very important to early register a trademark for your game. Then, you have proof that you have the exclusive right to the brand name.