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Intellectual property rights for games developers

Here we help you as a game developer to create value from your intangible assets.

Why do you need to keep track of patents, trademarks, designs, and copyright? If you have secured your intellectual assets, you can commercialize and introduce your game to the international market with confidence.

By having your brand and studio protected, you can develop your studio peacefully without being copied or risking infringement on someone else's rights. In the international arena, there are many stakeholders you may want to collaborate with, such as publishers, studios, independent game developers, and financiers. Intellectual assets are often a prerequisite for successful collaboration, and by securing your own assets as much as possible, trust and security are established in partnerships, both for you and your partners.

Register your trademark

Obtain registration for your trademark in your intended markets before you begin building your brand.

Register your trademark

Take care of your copyright

As a game creator and developer, you automatically become the copyright holder. There are ways to secure and assert your copyright in collaborations.


Write non-disclosure agreements

Non-disclosure agreements are necessary when you disclose your idea for a game before it has reached the market. 

Non-disclosure agreements

Create an intellectual property strategy


Create an intellectual property strategy for your intellectual assets. Intellectual assets such as trademarks, copyrights, designs, and patents may be intangible, but they are highly tangible in terms of value generation.

Intellectual property strategy

The role of the publishers

Publishers are important in the games industry. They both publish and market games and invest in projects and games developers. 

The role of the publishers

Trend-setting industry voices

Let yourself be inspired by other professionals in the game industry. Interviews with knowledgeable and experienced game developers.

Trend-setting industry voices




Intellectual property rights for games developers has been created together with the members of the Swedish Games Industry.