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Legal assistance

intangible assets, you will sometimes need the help of a specialist lawyer.

Intangible assets often account for more than 80% of a company’s total value. A sound knowledge of intangible assets will provide you with a solid basis for discussions with a legal expert concerning your company. You will quickly come up with important questions and the consultation process will be more qualitative and effective.

The law relating to the games industry stems from the US entertainment industry, and agreements are similar to those in the movie world, being often both complex and comprehensive in nature. The contractual language is English. 

When you work with major players, it can be a good idea to cross-check agreements and deals with an independent specialist lawyer, rather than trust the legal competence of a business partner. 

At some stage in a company’s development, issues concerning infringement, disputes and legal processes will become relevant. To prevent such situations and manage them appropriately as and when they arise, as an entrepreneur you will need advice and support from a specialist lawyer. 

Legislation in other countries 

There can be major differences between countries in terms of their intellectual property law, contract law, compensation law, copyright law, trademark law, patent law and design law.

There are also differences between federal states in some countries.

Contract validity and legal issues will therefore depend on which markets you operate in. Most games companies in Sweden have the whole world as their market and often sell games on the US, European, Chinese and Australian markets. However, demand for games is also increasing in new markets.

Regardless of where your users and collaborations are, you should have access to a specialist lawyer who knows the games industry and the laws that apply in the country in which you are operating. 

Things to remember 

  • Identify and prepare an inventory of your intangible assets.
  • Learn the fundamentals of copyright, trademark, design, patent and contract drafting.
  • Enlist the help of a specialist lawyer who knows the games industry.
  • Enlist the help of a specialist lawyer who knows the legislation in the country in which you are selling and operating.