Alienfigurer bakom mörka träd i en blå skog
Photo: Artgrid

Register the design

Obtaining design protection for your game’s main characters can be a good investment. Registering a design is relatively cheap.

It is a good idea to obtain design protection for certain selected key characters and other important figures in your game. With the design protection as proof, you can enforce your rights to your characters and figures in the event of a dispute over infringement or plagiarism regarding the appearance and design of your game, characters or other design aspects. Your characters can be protected by copyright too. However, obtaining design protection for them is a useful supplement. 

You can also obtain design protection for your game’s logotype. 

Things to remember

  • Carry out an investigation to make sure you are not too close to anyone else’s design.
  • Register the designs for your game’s main characters and symbols.
  • Register the designs or trademarks for your studio’s logotype and symbol image.
  • Register the design in the countries you are considering operating in.