About our website

Here you can read about how our site works and is structured.

Our website has been developed in accordance with the standards recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We have also developed our website to meet requirements for access by the functionally disabled, for example via the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Web browsers

The website has been designed to work equally well in the more recent versions of all web browsers.
Older versions of the browsers will display the same content, but without some of the design features.


When you print from a web page, only the information in the centre of the page is printed, i.e. the text content. A special style template is used to make all pages automatically print-friendly.


Our website is speech-enabled with free to download software. Browsealoud helps those with reading difficulties, literacy problems, mild vision difficulties and where English is not their first language.

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Tips for using the website

  • Font size
    On our website, you change the font size to your requirements. This is done in the browser, under View>Text size. You can also use the scroll wheel on the mouse + Ctrl.
  • Shortcut links
    There are a number of shortcut links to text content and the right-click menu. These are scanned by speech synthesis software early in the document and enable the user to jump straight to the said content.
  • Short commands
    By pressing the Alt key (on the Macintosh, the Control key) plus the assigned key, you can activate several shortcut commands. At present, we have set up Alt+1 for the homepage and Alt+4 for search.
  • Alt-texts
    In addition, most web page elements – such as text, links and images – have been assigned Alt-texts. This makes it easier for speech synthesis programs to interpret and communicate the content in an appropriate way.


On PRV’s website, we use temporary cookies – also known as “session cookies”. These are used during accessing of our electronic services/databases. The cookies are stored temporarily on your computer and are deleted when you close your web browser, meaning that no information on your visit is saved. You can prevent cookies being used by changing the settings of your web browser. For more information on cookies and the law on electronic communications, visit the website of the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency.
Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency


You need JavaScript in your browser to use our e-services.


PRV news is available through RSS feeds.

Content of the website - sitemap

PRV is of course responsible for the accuracy of the information on www.prv.se. However, it is the digital content of PRV’s website that is valid at any one time and so we cannot guarantee the content of text printed from the website. If the information is then copied and presented in some other form or on another website, we can no longer be held responsible for the accuracy of the information, nor can we if material is printed from the website. Otherwise, the content of PRV’s web pages may be used without restriction, provided that the source is acknowledged.

PRV does not accept responsibility for any errors in the information carried on the websites to which prv.se refers.

Responsible publisher is Annika Ulltin.
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Linking policy

PRV primarily links to authorities and organisations that are in direct co-operation with PRV.
If you link to the PRV's website we ask you to respect the following:

  • Do not use the PRV's logo when creating a link to the PRV's website. This is to avoid hesitation about who is responsible for the information on the webpage where the link is placed. Instead state the link to the PRV's webpage in a neutral way.
  • Only use a so called hyperlink text while linking to the PRV's website so that the user gets transferred directly to the PRV's web server when clicking on the link.

PRV's logo

You are not allowed to use PRV's logo without permission.


Our images are in some way related to intellectual property rights and assets. They include for example technical solutions, copyright, trademark and design protection. We also show pictures of business people in different industries. Our own staff and employees often illustrate PRV as a workplace. When publishing we strive for diversity and variation in terms of age, gender and ethnicity.

Most of our images are created by:
Photographer Max Green Ekelin
Photographer Yvonne Ekholm
Illustrator Patrik Svensson
Photo agency Scandinav
Photo agency Johnér
Matton Images