Access documents digitally through PRV's new e-service for patents

You can now register as a recipient of electronic information when you apply for a national patent.

PRV's e-service for patents gives you the opportunity to access your national orders and associated documents electronically. When submitting an application, you as the applicant or your representative will be able to indicate who will be authorized and receive notifications about new events in the matter. At present, you will continue to receive all orders on paper.

Registration for the e-service is done when the application for a national patent is submitted to prv. Today, unfortunately, you cannot register an authorized user after your new application.

You can apply for a new national patent for prv in three different ways:

Via Online Filing in eOLF: attach the form: Appendix Authorized user

Via Web submission patent: attach the form: Appendix Authorized user

Via a paper form: Application for a Swedish patent 

If you have questions, contact customer support

PRV's e-service for patents