Access documents digitally through PRV's new e-service for patents

You can now register as a recipient of electronic information when you apply for a national patent.

Through PRV's e-service for patents, you get access to national orders and associated documents in national applications electronically. To access the e-service, you must file a request to do so together with the patent application. The request may be filed by the applicant as well as the representative and must contain information on whom is authorized to receive notifications on new events in the application. Please observe that a request to access the e-service cannot be filed later then the patent application to which it relates. Should no request be filed with the application, orders and associated documents will be communicated on paper throughout the application process.

You can file a national patent application by any of the listed options below.

Via Online Filing in eOLF: attach the form: Appendix Authorized user

Via Web submission patent: attach the form: Appendix Authorized user

Via a paper form: Application for a Swedish patent 

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact PRV’s customer support

PRV's e-service for patents