Business promoters

Find a business promoter, a business development advisor and find out which intellectual properties are the most important for your business.

You can discuss your intangible assets with an advisor. Advice is often free of charge. The advisor can then forward you to a specialist if needed, for example a patent attorney or a lawyer.

Here you can find out where to turn for advice - a selection of the largest business promoters in Sweden.

Almi företagspartner AB

Business Sweden (external website)

Connect (external website)



Enterprise Europe Network (external website)



More organisations that help innovative companies

Keep in mind that there are more advisors in the country that help innovative companies:

  • Innovation offices linked to universities
  • Science / business parks
  • Incubators
  • Research institutes
  • Commerce chambers
  • Regional associations
  • Business office in the municipality

At there is a service that will help you find advisors that suits you and your needs.

Find advisors at (external website)

PRV customer support

You are welcome to contact PRV customer support for questions about intangible assets and intellectual property rights.
Telephone: +46 8 782 28 00

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PRV offers customized analyses

We also offer consultancy services for people who need an in-depth analysis of patents, trademarks or designs.

PRV Consulting - consultancy services

Guidance on choosing an agent or attorney

You may need help to manage your intangible assets and the rights associated with them. Here are some tips on things that are good to keep in mind when choosing a representative.

Find agents and attorneys