New opportunity for companies to apply for EU funding opens January 22

On January 22, 2024, the opportunity opens for small and medium-sized companies to apply for grants from EUIPO's SME fund with several different offers. Funds are limited so don't miss your opportunity to get a discount.


As an entrepreneur, you now have the opportunity to receive compensation both for a professional review of your company's intangible assets, a so-called IP Scan, and for the fee for registering trademarks, designs and patents.

What does an IP scan mean?

An IP scan is a review of the company's intangible assets. Advisors in the field of intangible assets look at your business model, your products or services and growth plans and help you identify the most important intangible assets from a business perspective. The service can help you decide which intellectual property rights to apply for and how to design your intellectual property strategy in the future.

If you have already registered intellectual property rights, you will receive advice on how to develop your intellectual property rights portfolio. IP scanning is coordinated by PRV.

Once you have the application approved, contact PRV to get access to the advisor who will perform the IP scan.



Edited 2023-12-08