Prior art

A Prior art search is the most extensive of our novelty searches, providing you with knowledge of the products and technological advances in a specific area.

Being well informed about existing solutions can be useful not only for securing your own innovations, but also for inspiration when writing your patent application. Solving problems using existing technology can also save time and money.

The result

It presents the known technology relating to the described innovation in regards to novelty and inventive step. The report contains citations, including the examiner’s comments, together with full documentation.

Our searches

The search is performed by PRV’s experienced examiners, who access advanced search tools, including all major patent databases as well as a considerable amount of nonpatent literature. The extent of the search varies depending on the technical area and is discussed beforehand with the examiner.

The benefit of the service

You will gain clarity in the current state of your technology area and can make an assessment regarding the patentability of your invention.

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You order services securely through our online service PRV Information Secure, where you also download your report.

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What does it cost?

You will always get a personal quote on your order. The price depends on the estimated time required to carry out the exact information you need. Hourly price for consultancy services, SEK 1700.

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The delivery time is normally 12 working days. Express delivery options are often available.

For contact and questions

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact PRV Consulting.

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Additional service: Monitoring services

Please bear in mind that a result from a search reflects the situation of today. However, the patent documentation increases with 10 000’s of newly published patent documents every week, a fact which of course could have an effect on your search result. If you should be in need of continuous information – talk to us and we will prepare a monitoring profile.

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Please observe

We aim to carry out all requests accurately and thoroughly, but due to the extensive amount of information involved we cannot guarantee that the results are always exhaustive.