Questions and answers about consultancy services

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions received by PRV Consulting, along with the answers.

How fast can you deliver a service?

Our standard delivery time is 12 working days from when the client accepts our cost estimate. We also offer express delivery in most cases. The delivery time for express services is agreed between the responsible handler at PRV and the client.

What is the price?

We offer several different services in patents, trademarks and design. Depending on which type of service you need the cost varies. Some types of services are offered to a fixed price. For instance, a novelty search for patents is offered to a fixed price of 15 000 SEK (vat. excluded). A pre-file search for trademarks costs 2 800 SEK (vat. excluded). For other services the prize is based on a cost estimate we prepare for the customer for the customers consideration. For patents the cost is based on a rate of 1700 SEK/hour. For trademarks and design the cost is based on a rate of 900 SEK/hour.

What technical areas do you have expertise in?

PRV has 150 specialists and experts in patents, trademark and design. We have over 110 patent examiners with a deep knowledge and experience covering all technical areas. We have trademark and design experts but also statistic expertise so that we can provide services in all areas of intellectual property.

What should my basis for Novelty search look like?

The more detailed your description of your idea, the better the patent engineer can perform the searches. If there are drawings and figures, you can also send them to clarify the text. You can also request to get in touch with the patent engineer who will do your search. In that contact, it is good to check that the engineer has understood your assignment correctly.


Toothbrush with toothpaste container


A toothbrush with integrated container for toothpaste. The container is arranged in the shaft. The toothpaste can be pumped to the brush head by means of a pump which is arranged in the toothbrush shaft.


(What is known in the technical area today?)
Today, a separate container for toothpaste is used.


(What problem is the invention intended to solve?)
When traveling, you need both a toothbrush and a toothpaste tube. It can also become sticky when toothpaste is applied to the toothbrush.


(How does the invention solve the problem ?)
The toothpaste is applied directly to the brush head of a toothbrush from a built-in container in the toothbrush. The built-in container is made of a soft material, which means that the toothpaste can be pumped from the container to the brush head. The container is filled by opening and closing a rear part of the toothbrush.

Advantages of the invention

(What are the advantages of the solution over previously known solutions?)
Fewer parts to keep track of during the trip. Minor smudges with toothpaste. Fewer lost caps for toothpaste tubes.


The toothbrush container can also be pre-filled and thus does not need to be refilled.


Drawing of toothbrush with container for toothpaste.

Will I receive confirmation that I have placed an order?

Yes, if the order is placed through our secure online service PRV Information Secure a confirmation email will be sent as soon as we have received your order.

How do I place an order?

You can securely submit a commission and download the report using our online service PRV Information Secure (PIS).

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You can also send your order by post or email.
Postal address: PRV Consulting, Box 5055, 102 42 Stockholm

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Do you offer monitoring services in the patent area?

Yes, we do.

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What kind of search services do you offer in the trademark and design sectors?

We offer a number of different search services in these sectors.

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