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When ordering search services, we recommend that you use PRV Information Secure for safe communications.

PRV Information Secure

For safe and secure handling of your assignment and delivery of your reports we recommend that you use PRV Information Secure. This web service is available in two different versions, depending on your needs, see below.

PRV Information Secure (opens in a new window)

Single use password

On submitting an assignment you will receive an auto generated password that is linked to that specific search request. PRV Consulting Support will inform you when the assignment is ready to collect. The report is retrieved from PRV Information Secure by using the auto generated password.

For account holders

Reoccurring customers of PRV Consulting´s Search Services benefit from creating a personal account. With a password of your choice you can administrate your account; you have the possibility to sort and clean up your lists and to write comments. You get an overview of your ongoing assignments and delivered reports and you can easily order new assignments.