Prices for consultancy services - patents

Name of patent consultancy services Fee SEK
Assignments with fixed prices:  
Novelty search - express delivery 17 300
Novelty search 13 300
Personal start kit Patents 3 300
Patent portfolio, company/inventor (per name searched) 1 500
PCT commission 25 000
Assignment with quotation procedure based on hourly rate  

Hourly price for consultancy services comprising searches in patent-documentation and technical literature

Minimum 3 hours. Administrative Fee will be added per search. 
Account customers: SEK 500. Invoice customers: SEK 600.

1 500 per hour

Prior Art By quotation
Freedom to operate-search By quotation
Technical search By quotation
Validity search By quotation
Preliminary patentability examination By quotation
Sequence searches By quotation
Citation searches By quotation
Patent monitoring By quotation
Patent family search with analysis By quotation
Patent mapping By quotation
Other Fee SEK
Copies and transcripts of public documents exempt from VAT: Less than 10 pages
10 pages
For each page over 10 pages

No fee
Price per item, for copies and printing from books, magazines and other library material which is not a public document 100
Words and expressions in the patent system 325
Postage fee ( invoice customer) 30
Postage fee ( deposit account customer) 20
For external courses in the patent area, please contact our training operation No fee

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