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Fees are excluding VAT, unless otherwise stated.
Quotations are based on an hourly rate of 1 200 SEK.

Novelty and preliminary searches Fee SEK
Design searches By quotation
Get started design, see a design expert for 2 hours            3 000
Monitoring, including monthly reports Fee/year SEK
Novelty monitoring By quotation
Monitoring of applicant name/designer By quotation
Monitoring of a specific type of product By quotation
Monitoring of a specific appearance By quotation
Class monitoring By quotation
PRV diary monitoring By quotation
Other monitoring By quotation
Other Fee SEK
Copies of material other than a public document, if the order is for 10 pages or more. Per page 3
Copies and printouts of public documents exempt from VAT,
less than 10 pages
10 pages
for each page over 10 pages

No fee
Postage costs, invoice 30
Postage costs, deposit account 20